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David Landau

The whole world of Exercise is constantly obsessing about their activities and the So Called Fat Burning Effects and Caloric Expenditures. They Workout in Order that they can Conveniently Eat More. Let it be known on the record right here, if you are "exercising" for the lone purpose of “burning” fat and calories, get ready to lose! (finish last in your efforts). Exercising for that sole reason is a complete waste of time. Recently, it was brought to my attention that there was an advertisement posted in a gym for an activity "class"that claimed it could burn 2000 calories. This statement was and is outright fraudulence, an outright physical impossibility. Do You Not Think So? Then let's seriously consider these following physiological facts. The subsequent activities will have to be done in order to come close to “burning” the number of calories equal to 1lb of fat:

ONE POUND of FAT is equal to:

Thinking for 2,160 hours

Standing for 160 hours

Writing for 154 hours

Singing for 77 hours

Playing Piano for 44 hours

Sawing Wood 11 hours

Wrestling for 5 and a half hours

Playing football for 4.8 hours

Doing 5,714 full range push ups

Walking 48 times to the top of the

Washington Monument

Obviously results would vary based on differences in body structures, weight, age, and Individual Metabolism. But the message should be clear and obvious that physical activity is a Worse than Poor Mode for Fat Loss. Then why you might ask, why are there such claims being made after pointing out these simple and undeniable physiological facts. Folks and readers, there is something to be sold out there! After all, there has to be reasons why the misinformation continues. Exercise has become a HUGE business! The body works just like a scale and if you waste your energy reserves on such activities, in most cases you will have nothing later on in the day, when you might do other personal activities/work/chores. We here at ExerciseFraud are Exposing These Lies Fed to You on a Daily Basis. The Object of Proper Exercise is to Find the best way to train the human muscular structures for Living Better, More Efficient Lives. I have been hard at work seeking responsible answers to serious questions in the Physical Culture World for over 30 years. I am only interested in what works within reason, in the meantime dispelling the dangerously outrageous myths and superstitions brought forth by those that responsibly should know better. Consultations will be made available for the very first time with an exact approach for those interested in only the TRUTH. Emails will be evaluated with serious considerations for each individual. Those that qualify will get a personal response. I am only interested in helping those that understand my sincereness in helping you the consumer.

© 2010 David Landau