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The RWA'S or the Recommended Weekly Allowance of Proper Exercise

David Landau

This article had to be written to set the record straight based on the widespread misinformation and confusion pertaining to the recommended weekly amount of exercise required to stimulate optimum muscular enhancement and health. I am approached daily by people, who literally run to stop me and ask questions about how I have gained my physical stature. The exchange provides the same offerings such as, "you must work out every day," "you must be in the gym for hours," and "you must be on an extremely high protein diet!" In rapid fire response, I tell people almost immediately, that I only exercise 12 - 14 minutes, once or twice a week. I continue to tell them that my dietary intake by and large is based on amount of calories consumed. These statements immediately put them into a state of disbelief. After explaining that it is my job to instruct proper exercise ("oh, you must mean personal trainer NO, I have nothing really in common with them), I tell them under no certain terms, that it is my responsibility to find out the exact amount of exercise necessary to provide the best of all possible results for anyone involved. Any more exercise than is necessary required, is either counterproductive or wasted effort at best. The widely exaggerated and inordinately promulgated Myth of "requiring" hours in the gym has been widespread by the irrational mentality that dominates this field. This is a preconceived notion that has nothing in common with the actual requirements. The bottom line objective is to provide the most meaningful, result producing experience of exercise for each individual. People have been led to believe that they must spend hours of their precious time in the gym, such is never the case. Do not be fooled by others offering similar claims, in the meantime making it fun and easy - nothing is further from the truth. The only "Fun" derived from exercise is achieving a Physical Condition that is far beyond your expectations.

There have been the fables in commercial attempts, such as phony fitness RX and modes of similar claims to find your needed weekly fitness. These, in the most part, describe activities that in no way shape or form will provide you with what is really needed. Be careful of superficial time constraints, such as the lauded 30 to 60 minutes repeated three to six times a week. These Fools notions simply do not give you anything more than adding fuel to the unstoppable fire. (A very detailed chapter called "Cardio?" can be read here about this vastly overrated aspect of fitness) The only true productive exercise is proper strength training; it is the only method that will fit our RWA's. The concept of the RWA's is very similar to the RDA's set forth by nutritional science which determines the minimum amount of vitamins necessary to sustain optimum health in the diet. There is a built in reserve for individual requirements. So the RDA's are set slightly higher so there is very little in the way of error that exists. These are set so that over dosage is avoided, whereas some vitamins taken excessively without question can be toxic and dangerous. The same issues are also directly related to exercise. The value derived from Exercise is directly related to the level of intensity placed into the training of the human muscular structures. Exercise is defined as muscular strengthening and is not sports, sporting ability, or some silly balance skill. Exercise requires the highest quality of available momentary effort that one can place into the strengthening of the skeletal muscles. The time factor in a vast majority of cases is less than (NOT MORE THAN) one hour weekly and in advanced situations, far less than that. There is no exception when the proper RWA's of proper muscular strengthening are set in accordance with the needs of our clients. It would be economically better to recommend more, however, with the law of diminishing returns, more is NEVER better in exercise, and I repeat NEVER. It would be easier to advocate more, and in order to do so, I would have to in turn, reduce the value of EXERCISE. It will never happen here. I am concerned with the best possible training approach available. There is a surprising lack of reliable training information no matter where you turn. This is based on the objectives that involve huge commercial interests. Therefore, I have taken the reigns of responsibility to provide those that care about the truth, as the truth will set you free! There will be no unnecessary supplements or drugs prescribed here either. This site is only for the true advancement of exercise and those that are interested in pursuing far better results than they have been getting. I am only interested in the TRUTH.

© 2010 David Landau