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David Landau

Notice how conveniently Personal Trainers have led you to believe that their "services" are required to be charged by the hour. Itís an established fallacy. Of course, what does one expect in the field that is up to its ears in fads, myths, and delusional false beliefs? The commonly shared position of charging "by the hour" is another assumed brainchild of this big business. Itís part of the dubious mentality that becomes the fitness industry. I have attempted over a period of 30 years to logically and clearly establish that exercise requires the minimum and exact amount necessary to derive the best possible benefit. Any excess of this is therefore undesirable, a law of diminishing returns at best. Why might you ask is exercise still charged by the "hour?" The ends just donít justify the means!

The "per hour" genre has been inculcated into our mind set since day one. In the school systems starting with kindergarten through High School, all classes are conveniently one hour. (Notwithstanding of course, the good old hour roost of recreational physical education has that 60 minute time limit to boot.) And if by chance you had difficulty with your school work, your parents would hire a tutor, for that per hour wage. Most jobs are paid by a per hour basis, which in most cases in todayís society you might get a good ten minutes of actual return. I could belabor the point, but it should be clear, you get what you pay for based on the quality of the time invested. Mainstream personal training is along the same lines of the majority, regardless of what the "so calledĒ experts insist.

Most importantly, let's examine a justifiable designation to exercise. Exercise is physical medicine. Therefore, if one looks at it in its proper perspective, we must find the minimum dosage required. For example, a pharmacist takes the prescription rendered by a physician and fills it according to the recommended measure. Suggested dosage obviously varies individually and any skillful medical practitioner knows this, with the exceptions of Quacks. Also, visit any physician; whether it a surgeon, dentist, etc., if you are out in say roughly 20 minutes, do you question him or her to spend more time? The answer is no, you want to get out of their office as quickly and efficiently as possible. The doctor performs whatever diagnosis needed and then you leave. There is no social visit there. If you are serious about your exercise program, it is the same story regardless of the typical lip service given. So what we are generally left with is that the mainstream personal trainer is locked into the old childlike notion that more is better. Why they continue to suggest that if 30 minutes of exercise is good, then one hour is more valuable, is beyond me. But why should they stop there? Their premise suggests that it would be better for one to go all in for a 3 hour workout or to just skip a day's work and train for 8 hours? The reasoning is way flawed. Logically the best Exercise is to be performed in a high intensity manner (hard based on individual capacity). In other words, you can train hard, you can train long, but you canít do both. To train longer would allow for the lowest quality in exercise, which will be quickly adapted to like a simple dayís chore and at best be of no value. So if you are looking for expertise in personal exercise training and you find a trainer that charges by the hour, run for your life! In order to advance in this field, I am not going to let one cling to some of the false hopes of traditional beliefs that are prevalent. I have taken a very long and hard look at this subject to come up with better solutions. Exercisefraud is about those that are concerned perfectionists. I am extremely passionate about your pursuit in cultivating the Ultimate in Physical Training. My consultations will save you much squandered time and money, and in addition I promise no wasted per hour charges. Feel free to email me; I would love to hear from those that truly understand that I am all about help.

© 2010 David Landau